Best Computer Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Services

GROWVID Consulting Services provides the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) services. Computer Annual Maintenance Contract is a type of an agreement in which we contend with a computer and its associated parts after its guarantee period expiration. In the time where the world is revolving around the computers, for every single thing, we are completely reliant on the computers and undoubtedly it’s an ultimate solution for every task. That’s the reason being maintenance comes first in the computers and we have to take care of it well.

Computer AMC is a computer heath monitoring task on a yearly basis. All you are required to do thorough research for the best computer AMC service. No matter which AMC company you are choosing but they should have a sound knowledge of their profession. They should have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. In short, they should provide cutting edge technology services.

At FNB IT Serve, we are completely taking care of computers as it needs robust support that guarantees its durability. There are heaps of problems that encircles the computer system. Few of these problems are well known to all of us like viruses, spyware and Trojan horses. Our services include a laptop, desktop, Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for the various products. So, let’s not getting into its much details and let’s jump into our specialities.

Available Computer AMC Services

GROWVID Consulting Services professionals prioritise the three criteria for accomplishing your computer AMC services efficiently.

Following are our three main criteria:

  • 1. Performance Issue- Checks out the desktop performance issues, our professionals work out on the periodical checking of the computer hardware. We undergo periodical checking for the hardware and sort out the problems if any found.
  • 2. Networking- Provide expert technician’s assistance that configures all types of servers, routers and firewalls.
  • 3. Facility Management- We procure the hardware as per our client’s need. Besides this, if required then our technicians also provide assistance in malfunctioning the computer parts which are especially under the warranty period.
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Assurance with the computer AMC Service

  • Computer Maintenance Service- Adequately maintain your computer and network. Also, put restrictions on casual internet surfing that automatically reduces your internet cost.
  • Network Server Set up & Maintenance- Implement data access restriction policy on the client’s desktop and laptop. It’s done for preventing the access of wrong users on personal and confidential data. In short, all your business details are kept secure and protected with computer AMC services.
  • Email Management- With the proper computer AMC implementation, you can keep an eye on the outbound and inbound emails effectively on each and every company employee.
  • Running Backup Solutions- Our computer AMC service facilitates with the data saving feature that can be retrieved further if needed.
  • Asset Management- With computer AMC you can track and control the employees work that what they are doing like the number of prints, sites they are browsing and more.